Read About Our Recent Successes

  1. Settlement of $3,300,000 for a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle
  2. Obtained $2,450,000 for a victim of a bus accident
  3. Recovered $2,000,000 for a woman who was a motor vehicle accident victim
  4. $1,800,000 was recouped for a pedestrian struck by truck
  5. Our firm won a settlement of $1,450,000 for a construction worker where the scaffold failed
  6. $1,200,000 of damages won in a case where a motor vehicle was struck by a bus
  7. A client recovered $980,000 for a slip and fall Accident
  8. $925,000 settlement in a construction accident case
  9. A client’s family was awarded $925,000 for the wrongful death of their family member
  10. Our firm received a verdict of $450,000 in a case against the State of New York
  11. $350,000 Wrongful Death
  12. $300,000 Trip and Fall
  13. $290,000 Falling Object
  14. $1,000,000 for construction worker who was injured from a scaffold which collapsed
  15. $1,450,000 for 2 construction workers injured in a worksite accident
  16. $235,000 for a victim who slip and fell on snow and ice
  17. $150,000 for a settlement from the city of New York
  18. $290,000 for a victim struck by a falling object

Above is only a small sample of our accomplishments and capabilities. Krause & Glassmith has a long, proven track record of client victories and we will use this experience to fight for you! Please contact our office so we can discuss how we can protect your rights, and obtain excellent compensation for your injuries.

Please note that every case has a unique set of circumstances. Therefore, the above results do not guarantee the same outcome for similar cases.