After a Construction Accident

After a Construction Accident

Are you left seriously injured after a construction accident, you may be feeling frustrated and in need of legal assistance to recover your compensation.

After a Construction Accident | Seek Counsel

It’s very important that counsel is sought out right away, in part because we want to preserve and go after some of the things that could help investigate what exactly happened. It’s not so much an issue of anyone covering up, but a lot of times when you have a scene, whether the accident site itself and the parties that may be involved you want to look into these things immediately, and this is something that your lawyers will do for you and they actually undertake an investigation. This is something that we do and we’re very experienced at doing. It’s something we do all the time, so we know what to look for in terms of finding all of the right parties, who you may not even know or know who should be responsible in these types of accidents.

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After a Construction Accident | Investigation

As you know and many of you have heard, whether it’s a height-related fall or just a fall at the site itself, often there are parties who are responsible who you wouldn’t even think are the ones under the law of who are responsible. This is something that’s very important to be investigated right away, so that all the things are known and that we can properly represent you as part of the case.

After a Construction Accident | Complex Case

In the realm of personal injury, while there are all different levels of sophistication, from basic incidents to more complex incidents, construction accidents tend to be more complex depending on the entities involved. You often have many different entities involved. You may have sub-contractors, a general contractor who should be overseeing the worksite and even the owner, especially when it comes to height-related type incidents.

After a Construction Accident | Liability

You have all these contracts, and insurances that play into liability. When you have all these interplays between all these different entities, with lots of different construction language, lots of different documents, it’s important that you seek out an experienced counsel, one who has a lot of experience in handling these type of construction claims, so that you make sure all of your rights are properly being defended and that you’re getting all of the fair compensation that you deserve.

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