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New York Bus Accident Lawyer

Were you or someone you love injured while riding an MTA bus or tour bus in New York? Find out how an experienced New York bus accident lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.  New York Bus Accident Lawyer | MTA Injury Attorney | Free ConsultationMillions of New Yorkers rely on public transportation every day to get to work, school, visit the doctor, and even just go out and shop for necessities. If you or someone you love was hurt in an accident while riding a bus, speak to an experienced New York bus accident lawyer right away to ensure your rights are protected. Contact the dedicated attorneys at Krause & Glassmith to schedule your free consultation with an experienced New York bus accident lawyer. Read Our FREE Bus Accident Guide

It’s Not Just Bus Passengers Who Get Hurt

Of course, it’s normal to think that the passengers of the bus are the ones who are most often injured in a bus accident. While that can and does happen, victims of bus accidents can also be pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, passenger vehicle drivers, and passengers.

It Can Be Difficult to Determine Liability

Like other accidents that fall under the umbrella of personal injury, New York bus accidents require a legal concept known as negligence. This means that person A has a legal duty of some kind to person B. If person A does not fulfill their legal duty and person B is hurt because of it, there may be a legal claim for negligence against person A. Of course, that’s a very simple explanation. In reality, it’s not always that simple to determine liability. With bus accidents, there are multiple parties who may carry at least some liability for the accident including bus drivers, a private company, the city, or a company that manufactured a defective part that was installed. These are just examples of potential defendants. A New York bus accident lawyer plays an important role because their job is to help the victim and their family sort out the facts, protect the best interests of the victim, and ensure that the victim is treated fairly. Bus drivers may be at least partially responsible for the accident if they didn’t receive proper training, are engaged in distracted driving, drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (even if it is a medication they were prescribed), or commit a traffic violation. The bus company or the city may be at least partially responsible for the accident if they didn’t perform proper and timely maintenance on the bus involved, weren’t following the laws, didn’t adequately train their drivers, or didn’t hire drivers who are properly qualified.

Most Common Injuries Caused by New York Bus Accidents

The severity of the injuries that may be caused by a New York bus accident depends on several factors. For example, a pedestrian who is struck by the bus may be more severely injured than someone riding inside of the bus or inside of another vehicle. Of course, we also know that’s not always true. Serious injuries can and do occur regardless of whether someone is inside of another vehicle. Buses are massive vehicles. They take longer to slow down and stop. They’re heavier than passenger vehicles. The most common injuries suffered from New York bus accidents include:
  • Serious head injuries (including traumatic brain injuries)
  • Neck and back injuries that result in permanent pain and reduced mobility
  • Broken bones (including skull fractures)
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Serious burns that may require skin grafts and cause extreme pain and disfigurement
  • Mental anguish

Compensation Accident Victims Are Entitled to Receive

Physical and mental injuries, as well as property damage, from a bus accident may entitle the victim to receive financial compensation. The most common types of compensation include:
  • Medical bills resulting from the bus accident (including hospital bills, lab fees, physical therapy, surgery, prescriptions, and follow-up visits)
  • Lost wages
  • The loss of future earning potential
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
To learn more about compensation, you should discuss the facts surrounding your potential claim with our New York bus accident lawyer. The consultation is free.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim is generally one of the first thoughts people have when they’re involved in any sort of vehicle accident, including New York bus accidents. It is certainly a possibility to file an insurance claim, but there’s no guarantee that the insurance company will treat the victim in a fair and honest manner. They may offer less than the claim is worth and hold off on paying out in an attempt to pressure the victim into accepting a small settlement. If the victim signs the settlement agreement, they may sign away their right to file a lawsuit and they may not be entitled to receive help with future medical expenses that arise because of the injuries from the accident. A New York bus accident lawyer can be a beneficial advisor during the settlement process. They can review the settlement agreement and let you know whether they believe what’s being offered is fair. They can also negotiate on your behalf. Don’t face the insurance company, the city, or the private company that owns the bus on your own. Make sure that you have someone on your side who has the sole job of looking out for what is in your best interest. Read Our FREE Bus Accident Guide Were you or a loved one injured while riding the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in a bus or taking a bus tour of New York? Contact an experienced New York bus accident lawyer at Krause & Glassmith today to protect your rights, and receive the compensation you deserve. We will handle everything for you so you can focus on what’s most important; your recovery. Let our experience work for you.