Bus Accident Mistakes

Bus Accident Mistakes

Bus Accident Mistakes

If you have been hurt on a bus, you may be wondering what you can do. There are bus accident mistakes that you should avoid at all cost, because it may actually cost you your case if you make them. Here is what you need to know.

Bus Accident Mistakes | Not Reporting Your Injury

The common mistakes that people will make when seriously injured in a bus accident in New York is not telling the bus driver or the police officer that they were on the bus. When you’re in a bus accident, there are many people involved, and later you want to make sure that you can prove you were on that bus. It’s very important when they take the names, be it the police officer or the driver or whoever else is there investigating the accident, that your name appears on the list of people on the bus when that accident occurred.

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Bus Accident Mistakes | Not Getting Medical Care

The second mistake would be not going immediately to medical care. Even if you think that, perhaps you’re not injured and nothing’s bothering you, you never really know because you are kind of in shock when you’re in an accident. Go to the hospital; let them check you out. Go to your private physician; let them check you out. Make sure that you’re physically okay. Bear in mind, these medical bills are paid for by the insurances. This will not come out of your pocket. It doesn’t cost you anything to make sure you’re healthy, and it’s very important to make sure you are.

Bus Accident Mistakes | Talking to the Insurance Companies

Another mistake is talking to the insurance people. Don’t talk to insurance companies; they’re not your friend. Hire a lawyer. The lawyer will take care of you. The lawyer will represent you. The lawyer will do the best for you to make sure all your rights and benefits are protected and that the insurances pay out everything that you deserve for the injuries that you sustained due to this bus accident.

If you have any questions about these bus accident mistakes, please call our NYC bus accident attorneys today for a free consultation.

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