Car Accident Advice

Car Accident Advice

If you have been in a collision, you may be seriously injured. You also may be searching for car accident advice to see what you should do. Here is what you need to know.

Car Accident Advice | What Mistakes Can I Avoid?

The first mistake is not immediately seeking medical attention to make sure they’re okay. Even if you feel okay, go to the hospital. Go to your doctor and let them make sure you’re okay. There are many times you think you’re okay and a few days later you find out you were wrong.

The other mistake people make is they try to do everything on their own; Trying to talk to the insurance company, trying to fill out the forms, trying to get their benefits, etc. We’ve been doing this for decades, and it takes a long time to know how to do this, to fill it out appropriately, so that you get the maximum of your benefits.

The biggest mistake after that is not hiring an experienced lawyer. Don’t get Joe Schmo down the block who also does real estate, did your divorce, and did your will a year ago. Get someone who’s completely and 100% an accident attorney who will take excellent care of you, get you the maximum money, and guide you through this unpleasant experience.

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Car Accident Advice | What Steps Should I Take?

The first step, after taking care of your health, is hiring an experienced attorney. That attorney will take care of all the filings and all the necessary requirements that you need once you’re in an accident. There are many forms that must get filed. There are many time deadlines on these forms. There are many things you must do to protect all your possible rights in an auto accident case, even some you may never need.

You must go to someone with the experience to know what should be filed on your behalf and how soon it should be filed, and to make sure it’s filed long before the deadline arrives. I’ve seen many cases from other law firms where they miss basic rights because things were not filed appropriately and timely. Get yourself an experienced lawyer in accident cases so you’re properly protected.

If you need more car accident advice, please call our New York City auto injury attorneys today for a free confidential consultation. We are happy to help you.

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