Car Repairs After an Accident

Who pays for car repairs after an accident? Contact our experienced New York car accident lawyers today to recover full compensation.


Who pays for car repairs after an accident?


If you have full coverage, including collision, then your insurance company will fix your car pursuant to the insurance that you purchased from them. If you do not have full coverage and you do not have collision, Car Repairs After an Accident then we have to go after the defendant’s insurance company to get them to pay. The defendants do not have to pay. The defendant’s insurance company will first inspect your car, perhaps need a statement about how it happened, and then determine what percentage of the damages they will pay.
They will try all ways to cheat you and chisel you and pay as little as possible. Sometimes when we get them up to 100%, we’ll accept the money. Sometimes we’ll say you have to wait until the end of the case. Insurance companies are not your friend. They are not in business to make you happy. They only care about making their shareholders happy. They want to pay as little as possible, and they’ll look for any excuse not to pay you the money that you deserve. That’s why it’s important, when you get into an accident, you must hire an experienced personal injury attorney who focuses only on personal injury and can take very good care of you.

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