Common Slip and Fall Mistakes

Common Slip and Fall Mistakes

Common Slip and Fall Mistakes

Do you want to know the common slip and fall mistakes that you should be avoiding? If you are worried about your case, here is what you should know.

Common Slip and Fall Mistakes | Medical Care

The common mistakes that people make when they’re seriously injured in a slip and fall in New York are that they don’t take care of their medical needs. It is most important, when you have an injury due to a slip and fall, that you immediately seek out medical help. Go to the hospital, go to a doctor, go to a clinic, and see what’s wrong with you. There are many injuries that can be sustained when you slip and fall, and it’s most important you find out what those injuries are and how to treat them immediately. Too many times I find clients with broken bones, that don’t realize it till the next day. This type of hesitation can delay the healing of these injuries. The minute you’re injured, seek out medical help. Nothing is more important.

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Common Slip and Fall Mistakes | Talking to Insurance

Another mistake that people make is that they talk to the insurance carriers. Don’t talk to the insurance carriers. The insurance carrier is representing the party that owns the property. They’re not representing you. They want to help the party that owns the property. They’re not interested in your needs. They’re not interested in anything that’s for you. They want to save money. They want to have more profits for their shareholders. They’re not there to help you in any way, shape and form. You shouldn’t talk to the insurance companies, and you shouldn’t fill out any forms for the insurance companies. You need to have a lawyer help you.

Common Slip and Fall Mistakes | The Wrong Attorney

The last mistake is that people hire attorneys that are not experienced in slip and falls. You must hire an attorney who’s 100% a personal injury lawyer with experience in slip and falls. The attorney that will do your divorce, will do your house closing, will help prepare a will for you and do your slip and fall is not the attorney for you. You want someone who completely does only negligence, who knows all the time variations, all the rules, all the nuances to do the best possible job for you, and make you the most possible money for your injuries in the shortest period of time.

If you are worried about these common slip and fall mistakes, or if you’ve done any of them, please call our NYC slip and fall attorneys today for a free consultation to see how you can fix them.

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