Construction Accident Compensation

If you or someone you love was injured while working on a construction site in New York, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Watch this video to learn about construction accident compensation and what’s important to know to maximize your recovery.
Read Our FREE Construction Accident Guide In the realm of construction accidents in the state of New York, one of the things that clients ask right away is what their rights are. More specifically, what their rights of recovery are when they’re injured in a construction accident. You may know from hearing this through TV and books; one of the most known one rights is that you get compensated if you prove that the defendants had some responsibility. The defendants can be the contractor, sub-contract, owner of the building, etc. You get compensated for your pain and suffering as a result of this accident. This would be both your past pain and suffering, from the moment of the accident – which is some of the worst time that you had to endure – all the way through the present time and even moving into the future. Often, people who do types of construction and labor work have to use their bodies, and they have to be on their feet, and they have to use parts of their body that may be injured in the accident. This is obviously something that makes it even harder for them to work. This is not a desk job they can return to. This is the type of job that you need to be feeling good and have your ability to do. Even something that might be minor moving forward could be a big deal to someone who has to use their hands at work on a daily basis. That’s the first thing. These numbers can be very large; it all depends on the type of injuries that you sustained. This is something that we’re excellent in maximizing. We spend a lot of time showing, the insurance company or perhaps the jury, a glimpse into your life of what you’re going through and everything you’ve been through. This is not just based on all the medical records and everything you’ve had to go through and endure, but also on a real life, every day basis of how your life has changed and how the things that were simple now aren’t so simple anymore and you can no longer do as much. This is very important that you get a good experienced person who cares about your case. The other thing that’s important to keep in mind is your medical bills. This is another aspect of the claim that you’re going to be compensated for. This is to be reimbursed, not just past medical bills, but any medical bills can be reasonably expected into the future. This has to be kept in mind when resolving a case because you don’t want to settle a case and then one day, years later, have all these other medical bills that you now are responsible for. This is something that has to be considered and taken care of as part of your construction accident compensation when you hire a lawyer. Another point I would try to add to this is also your lost wages. If you’re not able to work and you’re not able to get money that you would have gotten otherwise, this also has to be part of the compensation package that is given to you or recouped as a result of your lawsuit. Were you or a loved one injured in a work injury and have questions about construction accident compensation benefits? Contact a New York construction accident lawyer at Krause & Glassmith today for a free confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you. Like us on Facebook