Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle Accident ClaimsWere you or a loved one involved in a motorcycle accident in New York? Our experienced personal injury attorney discusses everything you need to know about motorcycle accident claims. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

Motorcycle Accident Claims | Get Medical Attention Right After the Accident

New York motorcycle accidents are serious incidents. Bikers should do what they can to take precautions and avoid an accident, but we also know that accidents can’t always be avoided. If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, be sure to take the following actions immediately:

Determine if you need emergency medical care. Hitting your head, even if you’re wearing a helmet, is serious. So are broken bones, crushed limbs, and neck and back injuries. If you have a medical emergency, call 911. If you don’t have a medical emergency, you should still get medical care as soon as you can. You could have serious internal injuries and not know it. Minor injuries can also be made worse without proper care.

Motorcycle Accident Claims | Call the Police and Gather Evidence

After the motorcycle accident, be sure to:

  1. Call the police. The police will create an accident report that documents the motorcycle accident. They can also help you exchange information with the other involved driver. Get the report number from the responding officer so that you can get a copy of the report.
  2. If possible, take pictures of your motorcycle, the damage to the other vehicle (or the reason for the accident), and other photos that you think may be helpful to prove your case.

Motorcycle Accident Claims | Call an Attorney

Call us immediately to schedule your free consultation with an experienced New York motorcycle accident lawyer. We can help you with the insurance claim, deal with the insurance company and potential defendant(s) on your behalf, and make sure that you understand your legal rights and your options.

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