Multi Car Pile Up

Multi Car Pile Up
If you have been involved in a multi car pile up, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Contact our experienced car accident attorneys today.


Who is liable in a multi-car pileup


Multi Car Pile Up We will have to investigate all the cars involved, see how it occurred, and see how the accident happened to see who caused the accident. Sometimes if it’s a four-car lineup, it’s the last car in the lineup at fault, but sometimes the second car in the lineup hits the first car first, and then the fourth car hits the third car, which hits the second car, which hits the first car. These things are investigated by the police and our investigator if necessary. This, again, depends on the facts of the case, that an experienced personal injury attorney will know how to figure out and use to the best of his abilities to get you the most amount of money.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident and have questions about multi-car pileups?
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