Myths About Motorcycle Accidents

Myths About Motorcycle AccidentsThere are many myths about motorcycle accidents. One of the biggest misconceptions is that motorcyclists are reckless drivers who are usually the at-fault party during a crash. This is not true. To file a motorcycle accident claim, please contact our experienced New York motorcycle accident lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.

Myths About Motorcycle Accidents | Motorcyclists Cause the Crashes

There’s a common misconception that someone is automatically at fault or more likely to be at fault for a New York motorcycle accident. The truth is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and state statistics show that drivers of passenger vehicles (and commercial vehicles) are more likely to be at fault for a motorcycle accident.

Bikers also face 35 times the risk of being involved in a fatal accident than drivers of other sorts of motor vehicles. This is because the biker is likely to make direct impact with the ground, other vehicles, and other fixed objects. Since motorcycles are smaller than other types of vehicles, what we might consider a minor impact in a car accident can result in serious property damage and bodily injuries with a motorcyclist. Other drivers don’t always pay attention to what’s going on around them. They may not notice that a motorcycle is in the lane they want to switch into. Sometimes, passenger vehicle drivers just don’t know or respect the law. They don’t think that they have to share the road with bikers. They may employ aggressive driving tactics that put bikers at serious risk of harm.

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Myths About Motorcycle Accidents | Hiring a Lawyer Isn’t Necessary

There are many people who think that hiring an experienced New York motorcycle accident lawyer is an unnecessary expense. After all, can’t you just file an insurance claim on your own? Well, of course you can. However, that doesn’t mean that the insurance company will treat you in a way that’s fair. They may pressure you into accepting a settlement that won’t even cover all of your bills associated with the accident. If you sign a settlement agreement, you could be getting less than your claim is worth and you could also be signing away your right to filing a lawsuit because of the accident.

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