Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

Personal Injury Lawsuit Process
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What should I know about the personal injury lawsuit process in New York?


Personal Injury Lawsuit ProcessThere are no real steps for a personal injury lawsuit. Some cases can be settled or negotiated by themselves, and some cases need to go to court and have to be put into suit. Each case is like a snowflake, and each snowflake is different. Once you get an experienced personal injury attorney who knows what they’re doing, they can take the exact steps necessary to make you as much money as soon as possible. We try and push our cases as hard as we can. Some clients come in and we make a lawsuit the very next day. Some clients don’t make a lawsuit, but we settle within six to nine months. Each case is different. Based upon our 45 years of experience, we know how to handle each one and make the most money from each one.

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