Personal Injury Settlement Timeline

Wondering how long your case may take? Watch this video to learn more about the personal injury settlement timeline in New York State.


How long will my case take to settle?


Each case is individual and has many different factors in it. One of the factors is the insurance carrier and how quickly they want to settle the case. Another factor is whether this carrier is one who settles or one who likes to go to court. Personal Injury Settlement Timeline There are many factors that go into how long it takes for a case to resolve. We know from each case what we should do and how hard we should push. Some cases we don’t put into suit, but they’ll settle within six to nine months. Some cases, we know they’re never going to settle until you get to the steps of the courthouse.
If you hire us on a Monday, by Tuesday we have already made the summons and complaint and filed it in the court. Then we push it very hard to get to the court as quickly as possible. After 45 years of experience, we know how to get you the most money within the least period of time, and we do a good job of it.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident and have questions about how long your case will take?
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