New York Injury Lawyers / Dog Owners Liability for Bites
New York Injury Lawyers / Dog Owners Liability for Bites

Dog Owners Liability for Bites

Were you or someone you love attacked by a dog in New York? These can be traumatic experiences that can leave lasting physical and mental scars. Watch this video to learn about dog owners liability for bites, and how our attorneys may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

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When someone is bitten by someone else’s dog in the state of New York, the owner of that dog is going to be the responsible party. Obviously, the dog itself is not someone who you’re going to be able to gain compensation from. That’s why the law often puts the responsibility on the owner.

The reason is, if you’re going to own a dog, especially one who bit someone before, had vicious propensities, or you had some knowledge or idea that this would happen based on the type of dog you, that owner is going to be responsible. We want that owner to be responsible, because we want people to take care of their dogs so that people don’t have dogs biting people.

Were you or a loved one involved in an animal attack and have questions about a dog owners’ liability for bites? Contact a New York dog bite lawyer at Krause & Glassmith today for a free confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you.

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