Mistakes To Avoid After A Bicycle Accident

Were you involved in a bike accident in New York? There are several mistakes to avoid after a bicycle accident to ensure your rights are protected. Watch this video by experienced New York bicycle accident lawyer Leslie Elliot Krause to learn more.

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If someone is seriously injured in a bicycle claim in New York, some of the mistakes that these people make are as follows. Number one, they don’t seek medical attention. When you’re on a bicycle and hit by a motor vehicle, you’re hit by a car of many tons. This can cause a tremendous amount of damage in your body. You should immediately seek medical attention. Go to the hospital; let them test you out. Go to your personal physician; let him or her test you out. Make sure you’re okay. Some injuries you won’t know about for days or maybe weeks later. Make sure that this accident didn’t cause any terrible injuries to you that you’ll be sorry about at a later date.

The second mistake is that they think they can do it by themselves without an attorney. Don’t contact the insurance company. The insurance companies are not there to help you. They may have friendly and funny ads on TV, but their goal is to make as much money as possible for their shareholders. Their goal is not to pay you as much money as possible. Therefore, you need to hire an experienced attorney who will represent you and protect all your rights and get you all the benefits you are due following this horrible experience.

Were you or a loved one involved in a bike accident and have questions about mistakes to avoid after a bicycle accident? Contact a New York bicycle accident lawyer at Krause & Glassmith today for a free confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you.

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