Motorcycle Accident Investigation

Were you injured in a motorcycle accident in New York? The insurance company will often perform their own motorcycle accident investigation and try to get you to make a statement. Watch this video to learn about what’s important to know about a motorcycle accident investigation, and why you should consult with an attorney before making a statement.

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My clients, especially early on in the cases, will ask, if the insurance company reaches out to me after my motorcycle accident, should I talk to them? The answer, most often, is no. The reason being is the insurance company, through their investigator attorney, or their representative, is trying to seek out evidence so that they can use it against you with respect to fault and how this accident happened.

Even by saying something innocent and something that wasn’t really being interpreted in the right way, can be used against you. It’s important that you speak to your attorney first, before you speak to any insurance company, so that they can give you proper guidance and proper advice in how to handle that type of a situation.

Were you or a loved one involved in a motor vehicle crash and have questions about the motorcycle accident investigation? Contact a New York motorcycle accident lawyer at Krause & Glassmith today for a free confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you.

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