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Car Accident Settlement Offers

Don’t get low-balled by the insurance company. Before you accept any car accident settlement offers, contact us for a free consultation.
Read Our Car Accident Guide Clients have asked me, “Should we accept the insurance company’s first offer?” The answer to that is positively no and never. This is a negotiation. This can be a short negotiation, or this could be a long negotiation, but it’s a negotiation, and the first offer is only the opening bid. A lot more money can come to you over time to fully give you the money you deserve for the injury that you have. Insurance companies are not your friends. Insurance companies only want to make profits for their shareholders, not pay you the maximum that you deserve. This is our job as your lawyers, to obtain for you the maximum money that you deserve for the injuries you sustained. Were you or a loved one involved in a motor vehicle crash and have questions about car accident settlement offers? Contact a New York car accident attorney at Krause & Glassmith today for a free confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you. Like us on Facebook Out of Town Resources: These Media Injury Lawyers has done a great job creating educational content. If you need help with an injury claim in Media, we recommend you take a look at this website.